I have been interested in art since childhood. Art is something that follows me. Creating it has always been an activity I enjoy and feel compelled to do. I am drawn by the productivity of it, the satisfaction of creating something new. For me, painting is therapeutic in that it is like solving a problem,

I am inspired by my surroundings and experience; I enjoy the hunt for the next idea. Looking at the world while needing a new subject helps me to view normal things in a more beautiful and interesting way. It helps me to visualize its creative potential. The process itself is a journey. At times it is smooth and fluid. Other times it is a frustrating struggle. However, regardless of my feelings during production, the process is ultimately fulfilling.

Many of my pieces are landscapes, places that speak to me, places with stories. I am attracted by the color and beauty of countless images, so many of my pieces are positive and vibrant. In my professional life I am a counselor as well as an artist. I think this occupation effects my artwork because I am sensitive to emotions and moods. In a world that can be darkened by negativity, I choose to fill my paintings with images and colors that are positive with the hope that the viewer is effected in a pleasant way. When we can choose happiness, optimism and beauty, I do.

Currently, most of my works are oil on canvas or canvas board. I enjoy working in other mediums at times. Oil provides a richness of hue and color, as well as nice blending properties that I appreciate.

Many of my paintings on this site are for sale. Please contact me if you are interested in a particular piece. If it is not available for sale, I am willing to paint another of similar style and content.